theWhoosh presents Disney’s Star Wars Land

Disney Parks are continuing to release details of their forthcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge parks and hotel (details to follow as they are released) which is set to open at Disney’s Florida in 2019
Imagineers have partnered with Lucasfilm designers – the very same ones who are creating the latest installments of the “Star Wars” cinematic universe – to create a theme park land unlike any other, one that truly will live up to its “immersive” description
Apparently the show buildings will be over 150 feet tall, with interiors that are sunk into the ground, and the exteriors will be hidden inside themed rock cliffs and forested mountains.
It’s rumored that Poe Dameron’s black X-wing fighter will greet guests at the third entrance to Star Wars Land, and that the Millennium Falcon will be “real, life sized, not scaled down at all, and sitting on top of a launch pad” with an “opening and closing main door and aliens/troopers will be walking around asking people if they’ve seen anyone leave the ship.”
Interestingly, Disney promises that the shop vendors in this land won’t just be your generic, ever-smiling Disney employee, but Toydarians – an alien race first seen in The Phantom Menace with Anakin’s owner Watto
In Disney’s Star Wars Land, your choices will matter – on rides and throughout the fully interactive theme park expansion
Look at the detail – theWhoosh can’t wait and visiting  the park in a Galaxy not to far away
You can see from the projected layout above that the Battle Escape attraction will be larger than the entirety of Toon Town. How exciting is that?