Past icons: MBE Barry Sheene (7 pics & video)

One of the greatest sporting stars of the 20th century
Barry was so popular his face was recognised throughout the UK
1976 and 1977 Sheene was world champion in the 500cc class at Suzuki
The 1979 British Grand Prix at Silverstone was an epic duel between Sheene and King Kenny Roberts, the teak-tough reigning world champion from the USA. As Sheene passed his rival at 180mph he infamously put two fingers up behind his back
Lying in his hospital bed, Sheene reeled off the injuries he’d suffered as if he was reading a shopping list. “Broken femur, collarbone and ribs, busted wrists and forearm, and a lot of skin off in the wrong places…” Then, with a wry smile, he added: “Other than that, I feel brand new.”


A legend on the track and of it

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